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The Natural Stuff

So after being here for four months, we have learned that if you buy consumable things (i.e. Food), and if there is a label that it is from Kazakhstan, then typically it is fairly healthy and “natural” and not as processed or GMO filled. (May not always be the case- maybe some other friends who live here locally may know more?) Now I would say the organics and natural craze is becoming a newer thing here. (Although the incredibly scrumptious Central Asian food typically runs greasy, but IT IS SO TASTY!!!) Like trying to find coconut oil, natural cleaning products or vitamins like we are used to is a bit tougher as they are not as popular. (Yet) The cool thing is, their food is not chock full of chemicals! Their regular sugar hasn’t been bleached white. (It’s like an off-white) And the fruits and veggies look like they came from an actual garden (hello crazy chunks of dirt on potatoes and carrots!) Now, of course not all the fruits and veggies are from Kazakhstan, as it is a colder climate and can’t grow the tropical stuff 😂, BUT I would like to think it is grown naturally? I can’t even describe how delectable EVERY. SINGLE. DAIRY. PRODUCT. IS. I mean for reals, I am so so thankful I am not allergic to dairy because I am a dairy QUEEN! (And Avinelle has taken after me hah!) You would have to taste it to believe it! You feel like milk came straight from the cow to your refrigerator haha! The meat we buy tends to have more fat on it but it tastes good and in my opinion it is a little closer to “from the farm”. Now as Kazakhstan, they do have a big number of imports, but even then I feel like it is not so bad as far as where it comes from and how natural and healthy it is. And the bread here- we are spoiled ROTTEN! Hah, if you don’t eat the bread in one or two days, it goes bad so that tells you how fresh it is! OH, and I almost forgot the local chocolate!!! They have this brand where the factory is right here in Almaty called Raxat. (The cocoa isn’t grown here) It’s AMAZING! I actually feel like I can eat their milk chocolate, it is that good. (I am personally a dark chocolate fan) Now that I have tempted all of my friends and family on the scrumptious food, come visit to taste it!!!!

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