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The Rainy Days…

Oh how I love the rain! 🌧💧💦☔️ Here in Almaty we get true four seasons of weather. I really really love it. Today is particularly cold, and the above pic is this morning where the clouds are hanging low over the mountains. Last night it was pouring rain (and already had been for a few hours), so before bed Andrew and I just went out on our balcony and listened to and smelled the rain, then we had our window open all night falling asleep to the sound of rain. See growing up in Colorado, we get rain, it’s just seldom and almost ALWAYS on the verge of hail, super hard and VERY cold. At least here in Almaty the rain CAN be warm. Not always, as we didn’t last long on our balcony due to how cold it actually was this time 😂. Also in Colorado, there tends to be more lighting storms than much rain. A lot of threat with nothing behind it, hah. Lightning is not as common during the rainy days here, I only remember it a few times. The rain here can be for a few days even up to a week during spring and autumn. We have had seldom sunshine, just very cloudy, even if not raining constantly. I would not personally like this weather let’s say for 10 days in a row, but a little bit here and there is all good with me. Now, about the SMELL of rain. Do you know what I am talking about? Most of the time it is “in the air” just before the rain falls. And just after, you smell it distinctly as well. I once found a candle at a garden shop that smelled EXACTLY like rain. I wish I would have bought it. Ever since then I have tried to find this same candle. Oh, there are candles that “smell like rain” but trust me, NOTHING like this candle. It was the EXACT smell. Just one of those tiny regrets in my life, lol. (Andrew has tried to find me rain smelling candles ever since, what a man! 😉) These days we don’t go out without an umbrella, ours broke this last week and Andrew promptly replaced it. The thing is, we tend to walk here and there. We walk Avinelle to school almost every day and sometimes around town a bit or it might be a little walk to get to and from our car depending on how the parking situation is. Avinelle has an adorable green rain jacket she wears daily. I should probably consider rain boots for the girls. 🤔 Anyways, the spring weather is just beautiful here!

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