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We Came Home

A beautiful sunset picture taken from our balcony.

Well I think after 7 months we finally “came home”. As we were in Thailand and about to leave on Wednesday and we were talking to Avi about the trip “home” to Almaty, going on a bus and then a plane on Thursday to get home. Now I don’t think that there is something magical about 7 months are something but maybe it’s because we left to another country and then came back to our permanent apartment that now it feels real? We talked about our apartment being home and actually we missed our bed lol. And of course Avi missed her toys, stuffed animals, books, etc. But it feels good that we can finally call this place home and it does not feel like Colorado is home anymore. Yes, it was for a very very long time for both of us, but that season is over and we actually live here now, really and truly! ❤️

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