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We’re Matching!

So someone pointed out the fact quickly after we were around people that Avi and I were matching. I tell you- I didn’t even notice HAHA! That’s how “full” my brain is these days lol. Now she WAS wearing her shirt before I picked out my earrings and scarf and it didn’t even dawn on me that they were the same color. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I mean I don’t mind matching my daughter in the least- makes us look more alike don’t you think? 😬 We are T-6 Days away from coming to the US for our one month trip to visit (hopefully) lots of YOU!!! We are very excited but we definitely still have things to do and accomplish and prep before we leave on our 2:00AM flight from the Almaty airport on Monday May 14 (well we head to the airport Sunday night late) in the wee hours of the morning. If you think of it- say a prayer that my brand new passport gets here in Almaty by Friday (super duper long story!) Well we shall see how many more “silly” things I do in these last days with “busy” (not to mention pregnancy) brain getting the best of me!!!

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