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What Do We Miss?

Let me preface this blog by saying that we thoroughly enjoy living in Kazakhstan and wouldn’t trade it for anything! Also, hands down, the “thing” we miss the most is not things at all but people…. Family and friends and thankfully because of technology we are able to keep up with a lot of you Stateside. However, we do get asked a lot what we miss from America. SOME things on this list we most certainly CAN get here but at a very high price so we just as soon do without or stock up when we are in the US and just bring it back with us in our suitcases when we visit (or have friends graciously bring it for us)

  1. TargetOrganic Fruit snacksBrookside chocolatesTrader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cupsSnyder’s of Hanover pretzelsTARGETNetflix shows that we don’t get in our regionWatching American football gamesDid I mention Target?ChipotleChick-fil-AFrozen Chimichanga’sLing Ling potstickersPeanut butterDriving (Charity) at any given time to go shopping (or as Andrew calls it, “browsing” 😏….most likely at Target) or to appointmentsEndless sizes and variations of Ziploc bagsBare minerals make up (Charity, not Andrew lol)Cotton balls (yes, the kind you use on your face for toner and removing make up or nail polish)Coldstone CreameryBeing able to find *most* of life’s necessities in one store (AKA- Target)DoritosHousehold heat controlled by a thermostatDr PepperAnnie’s boxed Mac N CheeseYellow mustard (that isn’t spicy. Charity bought FOUR different ones thinking it was possible mustard EVERY time 😂)Food barsT-A-R-G-E-T

  2. Well hope that gives you a little glimpse of what we miss! 🎯❤️

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