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What shopping is like

Well Andrew does most of our household shopping. (Since I don’t drive it’s easier for him to do it) First of all, the shopping carts do waver, lol. It’s like all 4 wheels sway everywhere. Actually most countries have shopping carts that do this. They have crazy big bulk sections (I remember bulk sections more in grocery stores in the US when I was a kid except Sprouts is the only one I see it now.) Also, at times if something shows up in the store that is more “Western” then you better grab 5 or 73 of it because you never know if it’ll ever be there again 😂😂😂 For example, we cannot find lime juice (I wouldn’t constitute this item as Western) for the life of us. Used to be at one particular grocery store but they downsized and no longer carry it 😩 We also get perplexed at times how the grocery store is organized, or rather where to find something. For example, foil and trash bags are not among the other paper goods, but off in a little corner by dishes 😜 Also, there are certain things a lot of our local friends buy at the bazaar instead of the stores because either price, quality or sourcing. Our language skills are still not the best for that kind of shopping hah… So we stay away. We have a couple favorite stores based on convenience mostly. There are some nicer grocery stores that carry more Western items. Funny thing is, the price for those common items are not much more than the normal store so no biggie to buy it there, too. Then there are the “magazines”, or corner shops, think of it as a 7-11. They are on every corner block. Some do almost ALL their shopping at these! We even have two in our complex. The nice thing is they don’t upcharge for convenience… They are the same price as the normal stores. Andrew and I have even joked about living off of the local shops for a month and see what that would be like…. Maybe one day….

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