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Potty Training Is Upon Us!

So after arriving in Kazakhstan we shortly thereafter had to make a trip to the supermarket across the street to buy diapers. Now mind you since Avinelle is 2 years old and she has expressed some interest in potty training I was going to let us all settle in a bit (a month or two?) and start potty training. As I was perusing the diaper aisle and price checking I am flabbergasted that the prices of ANY diapers are AT LEAST twice as much if not more than what we pay in the States! And there isn't even like a "cheap" brand and I'm at like the cheap store. There is only Pampers or Huggies. O.M.G. Let's just say we bought the biggest thing of diapers I could find (a whopping 50) and the very next day we bought a potty to start training our Little Princess. It is not going the greatest unfortunately. We are doing rewards for when she goes on the potty, wearing her undies around the house, setting a timer, letting her turn on the light to the bathroom on her own, open the lid by herself, pulling down her undies on her own, we've got a stack of books so she can "sit for a minute", etc etc. this is not easy stuff. I commend the parents who can potty train in like two days flat. And honestly I really wanted to lean hard on the "wait until SHE is ready" but ya, our pocketbook cannot afford HER timeline here! Oi vey, we shall be tenacious and disciplined and this too shall pass and we will have sweet sweet victory (one day)!

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